Travel Tips: How to pack your Toiletries

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  1. Helen A
    Helen A says:

    Dear Sonia, is it okay to put razor or epilator in the luggage? Last time I traveled, the security opened my suitcase and didn't find anything. Later on, I thought they checked because of my razor blade was being scanned as suspicious object. So I wonder if it's ok to bring my epilator. Pleaseee give me some advice

  2. 26Bluegb
    26Bluegb says:

    A lot of very squeezable containers are made of silicone, which can react to ingredients in your toiletries. Be sure to investigate before you buy.

  3. vivien khoo
    vivien khoo says:

    it's not a container but i put my cotton swabs and cotton rounds into a tiny ziplock bag, the kind that you use for storing handicraft materials like beads. it's weightless and waterproof, and cotton isn't something that needs the protection of a hard container. i also use old contact lens cases, the kind with two round containers, to store cream and some makeup like foundation or primer. That way i only take what i need when i travel.

  4. Ron P.
    Ron P. says:

    I'm not from the States, I want to ask if the measurement is the same wherever? most of my friends suggested that I bring sachets instead of bottled shampoo and conditioner, it's okay, but I'm worried that I won't be able to bring my other toiletries.


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