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  1. Mark Ledesma
    Mark Ledesma says:

    i live in bacolod not as big as cebu but much cheaper than manila, tiger air is cheaper than cebu pacific, for breakfast go to jollibee, pancakes and a drink 60 pesos, a decent lunch at chongs 60 pesos for rice and an entree, check kamay kainan at sm for dinner, 99 pesos for rice, an entree and a side dish, vegetable or pancit, accommodations check ong bun or 11th pension, jeepney usually 7 pesos

  2. aphrodyboi
    aphrodyboi says:

    specially with transportation, you have to ask the locals first if how much the normal charges is so you know how much price you stick to when making deals later on. some when they see foreign they raise up the amount a bit but not all. mostly locals will gladly teach you on what you should do and how much you should pay. make frie

  3. Lorence Valencia
    Lorence Valencia says:

    well when they see you're a foreigner some do try to overcharge. i suggest to travel with a trusty filipino friend so as to make sure the price is right. and yes asking the hotel for the fare is also a good idea. i really enjoyed your videos especially the ones from coron. I'm planning to visit there for a 4 days 3 nights trip. now i know ehat to expect and at least the budget would be like. bug thanks. hope to bump into you guys on one of your trips. you're my new favorite travel vlog which i do enjoy watching as it makes me laugh too. more power to you

  4. nerdgen314
    nerdgen314 says:

    Good advice about the trikes. Even us locals get ripped off if you're not a regular. This is mostly because trike fares has not been standardised unlike the jeepneys and taxis. Best to do is ask the locals in the area or the hotel. Everyone would be more than willing to help.

  5. nickinspring
    nickinspring says:

    Girl, you really talk fast…… LOL, reminds me of someone on speed…… Good info, thanks. And, I enjoyed the laugh. Thailand Rob talks about you all the time and I am going to the Philippines in November.

  6. Luc Hernou
    Luc Hernou says:

    Did you already visit cambodia?It is more expencive then the philippines.

    For most stuff cambodia is more expencive.groceries are like 50 to 100% more expencive then thailand,as everything is import.even local fruits are 500% more expencive in canmodia compared to thailand,i live in cambodia ,siem reap,and had to visit thailand in june for my new pasport(my embassy is in bangkok not phnom penn).so we went to the markets in BKK an bought a kilo of rambouytan and a kilo of mangosteen,both where 35bath a kilo wich is 1$.back in siem reap i was curious about the prices here as those fruits grow here to,well 5,35$ a kilo.thank you very much.a kilo of chicken legs or breast in makro or tesco lotus thailand is around 2dollar or 70 its 4.5$ in siem reap.

    keep up the good work ,i enjoy your vlogs.


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