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  1. Wasabi Needs
    Wasabi Needs says:

    Locals (Taxi drivers, Markets, Shop) raise the prices when they see BULE ( White people, Foreigners).
    never be shy to bargain
    Im indonesia so Thats why I know

  2. Lothar Scholz
    Lothar Scholz says:

    Rich white woman making money from melking parents in Australia talks about cheep prices. Try to work here for your money and then lets talk again how cheap it all is. You have the attitude of a stupid colonialist.

  3. Feet Tongue
    Feet Tongue says:

    Can i travel with USD or Canadian currency or do they only accept the Indonesian Currency ? if so when is the best place to exchange it ? at the hotel or the Airport?….Thank you.

  4. Keaith Moana
    Keaith Moana says:

    i am planning on going to bandung indonesia for a month holiday with my girl friends, i was planning on taking 5000 aus dollars for the trip for expenses and daily life, im gueeing that may be too much to take and also when and where is the best place and time to change currency for the trip, in australia or change apon arrival, thanks and cant wait to esperience asia??

  5. raindogred
    raindogred says:

    once you get away from the tourist places such as bali/lombok the real price is much cheaper. A nasi goreng pretty much standard throughout indo is rp10000, a juice is 5000, satay is rp12-15000, and nasi padang is about 20-25000 for a double portion of meats, veggies rice. Beer is pretty much cheaper in Bali other parts of Indo because theres more places competing and selling.

  6. emie chan
    emie chan says:

    Btw im indonesian and if any of u ppl wanna go there plz note are money goes like in 1000 and big numbers dont be scared tho cuz thats the way it just is anyways. The highest money number is 10000 its basically like a 100 dolars in you american point of view


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