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  1. Vy Bùi
    Vy Bùi says:

    Hi. I'm planning to study in Australia next year. Can anyone here recommend me a good city to attend its universities? It would be amazing to hear suggestions from the locals ❤️❤️
    Thanks a lot

  2. dark angel
    dark angel says:

    best job in australia is: hooking, good money and cash in hand no tax, almost all brothels in australia mostly filled with girls with visiting visas, no language requirement as well, no kissing or you can charge extra $30 or more for kissing if you want, its illegal not wear condoms, they earn $500 a day minimum, 100% safe!!!

  3. I Love Summer
    I Love Summer says:

    Last summer I went to Japan and the average price for hostel dorm one night per person was like $25-45 ($25 is the cheapest one and I got a discount for staying 3 nights in Sendai). Seems like Australia is cheaper than Japan.

  4. marta acsdeg
    marta acsdeg says:

    is it easy to, say, hop on a bus without paying? I know I do that all the time when I visit London, and it's saved me up to £100… 'm not proud, but I'm on a budget here…

  5. Aus Digital Media
    Aus Digital Media says:

    I'm an Aussie born and bred peeps, Living in Melbourne CBD. Look into "Wicked Campers". They are little cheap vans that you can travel and sleep in. But you can't just pull up on the side of the road here, especially along places like the great ocean rd. Its illegal. You'll need to book into a caravan park and take advantage of the hot showers and power. Be careful about free camping, see "Wolf creek" the movie. Yes it does happen unfortunately especially in the remote country areas.

  6. Joe
    Joe says:

    Camping in the outback is fairly easy. Just pull off the road in any one of the many free camping areas or just pull off the road and set up camp. Nobody's going to care.Also…. How the hell do you get 5 thumbs down for this vid ?

  7. Megan Bright
    Megan Bright says:

    On GumTree most people these days hire out their houses or rooms to back packers who intend to stay up to 3 – 6 months, with bills included and extras. Eg, swimming pools, spa baths, unlimited downloading, high security system for yourself and great entertainment (TV). Good prices on GumTree and the local paper. Check it out ppls. 🙂

  8. where is danny black
    where is danny black says:

    haha i love your videos.. when i first started out i was like… who tf is this? then you kicked it in and was great 🙂 Im doing a 5 month tour around australia in a small RV with my fiancé… ill be vloging everyday and seeing everything.. not looking forward to the price tag at the end but the videos will be worth it

  9. Liz Lopez
    Liz Lopez says:

    has only one else used gumtree? i really want to visit Australia and to save a bit of money i would preferably like to share a flat but i've seen too many horror flicks so i'm a bit hesitant.. haha


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