The Best Of Sicily In One Week! | Travel Guide Vlog

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  1. michel lagueux
    michel lagueux says:

    I Côme in Sicily since 2006. I saw every thing on this big Island . It s one of the mots beautiful video that i saw! What kind of cam you have? Ã Go pro? I m here now in Milazzo city. If you come back dont Forget to make Movistar here! I m Canadian and i lové Sicily!

  2. yellysbackgarden G
    yellysbackgarden G says:

    Good video, well done. We will go in April, would totally avoid touristic crowded places. Ragusa was recommemded to us, we may base ourselves there, what do you reckon ? PS: We are visiting Sicily with our year old baby.Thanks

  3. Benzaiten Hotei
    Benzaiten Hotei says:

    Great video. However, I would like to say that the largest archeological park is the site of Selinunte, another ancient Greek colony on the southern coast of Sicily, near Trapani. Selinunte and the Valley of the Temples are quite different. The Valley of the Temples is an impressive site, with its perfectly preserved temples. It's stunning and in an excellent state. The ruins in Selinunte are scattered and much of the area is deserted but the setting is perfect – Very scenic, over a large area, very peaceful. Selinunte is less crowded than the Valley of the Temples. There you can feel what a Greek city was like, see and hear the sea below without being surrounded by other tourists. Cave di Cusa is a wonderful site near Selinunte. Its stone was used to construct the temples. Besides if you love temples you can't miss Segesta, in the northwestern part of Sicily, with its majestic Doric temple and its wonderful Greek theatre.

  4. SL Konnaris
    SL Konnaris says:

    Thank you for letting us share your great road trip! It's so exciting to see beautiful places like this. I will be visiting Catania for the first time in January – a short trip for me and a friend on our birthdays – i'm really excited already. I visited Palermo and Taormina a few years ago. Taormina was very pretty – i loved the beauty of it but the ambiance was spoiled by the crowds of tourists. Thanks again and I'll sign up to your channel to see more:)

  5. Thalia and John
    Thalia and John says:

    Loved this video!! Such a beautiful place! Can’t wait to see more of you – we subscribed! If you find a minute to hop over to our channel and check us out, we would appreciate that so much ♥ Thalia and John – South African Vloggers

  6. Tonino Giunta
    Tonino Giunta says:

    Il video e` molto bello ma ne hai dimenticata di roba da vedere!
    Ragusa Ibla, Modica, Scicli per il barocco oltre alla storia ed il cibo.
    Pantalica e Cava Grande del Cassibile come itinerari naturalistici.
    Ed ancora mille forse piu` altri luoghi che tengono la Sicilia tra mito, leggenda e realta`.
    Saluti da un siculo.


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