Japan / Tokyo Travel Tips

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  1. Shawnlyq
    Shawnlyq says:

    I really think Google Maps would be one of the essentials when travelling, especially in Japan. The routes are all so complex compared to what I had in Singapore. @_@ I do think having basic Japanese would certainly help a lot as most Japanese aren't really good at other languages.

  2. t tran
    t tran says:

    hi Jane! this is a random question, but could you let me know the hair salon you went to in Koreatown + the place you got your moles removed in LA? I am going there sometime this year, and want to go to both those places! Thanks so much

  3. Rory Pavić
    Rory Pavić says:

    Thanks for the tips 🙂 I can't wait to go to Japan someday ( i hope I will be past lvl A in Japanese by then ). Most useful tip was the one about currency exchange and money transfer, at least for me 😀


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