Dubai Travel Guide

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  1. Ice Cream Monster
    Ice Cream Monster says:

    Hi Alex
    Thank you so much for the great video!
    As a first-time visitor, do you recommend that I stay in a hotel in Deira or on Sheihk Zayed Road?
    Which hotel (4-5 star) in each area do you recommend?

  2. Fate Destiny
    Fate Destiny says:

    3:12 "for some reason it [metro] doesn't run on Friday mornings" lol. Dude I'm not a Muslim nor do I live in the Arab world, but even I know that it's the Muslim holy day, as apposed to the Christian holy day of Sunday. Plus they take religion seriously (on the outside anyway).

  3. irishaztecs
    irishaztecs says:

    I enjoy your videos. Very helpful for traveling. What caused you to start making these? It seems like these are geared more for business travelers? very useful for me when abroad if so.

  4. frohyu1
    frohyu1 says:

    Always try to specify the exchange rate of every article in USD. We truly don't care about how much it costs in other currencies. I don't care if a taxi costs 25 of Dubai's currency, I want to know how much that's in dollars.

  5. Ian
    Ian says:

    I love watching this channel and it makes me want to visit every city they visit, but something seemed intensely fake about this video. I left me with a uncomfortable feeling. I doubt I will be visiting Dubai.

  6. Rohith Augustine
    Rohith Augustine says:

    remember you went to a cafetaria and has something with a filling in it?
    Its actually a south indian dish from the kitchens of kerala. Its known as the Parrotta
    the one you has was parrotta with a filling of scrambled egg and spices


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