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  1. Jose Vasquez
    Jose Vasquez says:

    Cancun is a beautiful place to visit. One thing I did not like was that everything is cater to tourism. I wanted to be immerse in another country but I felt I was in the States.. I recommend play de carmen, there I felt that I was in Mexico. Tacos and traditional mexican dishes..

  2. Denis Grassia
    Denis Grassia says:

    Messico è un paese di Merda avete un governo del cazzo Tijuana di Merda Messico e un culo culo minchia cazzo cazzo cazzo cazzo Merda Merda messicani di merdàaaaaaaaaaa andate a cagare coglioni andicapati Messico e un cazzo di scemi

  3. kasswag luxanno
    kasswag luxanno says:

    One of the best place to get a vacations <3 its super beautiful but probably something "americanizado" and you don´t be  close with the mexican  people that´s  incredible 🙂 proud of know that kind of places 😀
    srry for the bad english 😛


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