Camp Ripan in Kiruna, Sweden: A Great Travel Destination Above the Arctic Circle

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  1. Andres Morinigo
    Andres Morinigo says:

    Hi Sheila,
    Was this your second time back to Kiruna? I just went to Lulea, Sweden (just slightly further south) a few weeks ago w some friends to try and see the northern lights. Unfortunately it was just too warm (according to locals) and we didn't get to see anything. I guess Kiruna is the better spot to go, but the town just seems a bit boring. Any other places you would recommend going to see them? Heard Norway is the best.

    – Andres

  2. Daniel Hammond
    Daniel Hammond says:

    That hotel fits perfectly with my concept of what a camp should look like! I would go camping anytime if it was going to be that comfortable. 0 degrees fahrenheit! WOW! That is COLD!


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