Backpacking across Pakistan; The Ultimate Adventure Travel Destination

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  1. Rameez Ahmed
    Rameez Ahmed says:

    Hey! I'm a Pakistani! Thank you for visiting and please come again!
    Amazing video, apparently you have visited parts of my country even I haven't been to! Much love from Pakistan <3 !

  2. MrTraveller69
    MrTraveller69 says:

    Hey Will,
    I'm Robin World Traveller, 15yrs travel to 74 Countries so far. I was planning a Papua New Guinea to Bethlehem overland trip
    Across Asia & found your U.K to PNG vid the month before you left. I'v been curious of your travels & often check for your videos. Any updates on what you've been doing on your travels & what's next will be appreciated.
    Cheers Brother, Robin


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